Waddler Room

Our Waddler room caters for children from 1-2 years of age.

Children start with us when they are walking steadily and with some confidence. In our Waddler room we understand that our young children learn best through play and their curiosity. Our Early year Educators are here to assist in your little ones care and independence and also to help them reach their developmental milestones at their own pace and time. Tallaght Childcare Centre totally believes that the best start in life is so important for young children’s futures and that is why Tallaght Childcare Centre will work in partnership with parents to settle their children into crèche and support parents with any concerns they may have.


What happens during the day?

Each day Waddlers are encouraged to become more and more independent. We plan activities that interest them using a range of different methods which includes the use of activity trays. These interests are carefully recorded and this information contributes to the daily routine by staff to meet children’s current interests.

The waddlers enjoy a wide range of activities with our staff as well as lots of group time with an assortment of stories, nursery rhymes and songs. We understand that waddlers need lots of love and attention and we strive to provide this each day with individual attention from our staff.